July 17, 2013
City of Detroit files for Chapter 9

August 2013
Bankruptcy officials identify the Detroit Water and Sewer Department (DWSD) as a revenue producing asset

September 2013 – September 7, 2014
Court-mandated confidential discussions about the inclusion of DWSD in the City of Detroit Chapter 9 filings

September 9, 2014
Great Lakes Water Authority(GLWA) MOU Signed by Governor Rick Snyder, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel and City of Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

Any party not signing the Memorandum of Understanding would subject its communities to higher water rates, which would be determined by signing members of the Great Lakes Water Authority.  See Michigan Public Act 233 of 1955

September 11, 2014
MOU and unsigned Articles of Incorporation reviewed by Macomb Area Communities for Regional Opportunities (MACRO)

October 9, 2014
Macomb Board of Commissioners vote 10-3 in favor of GLWA membership by adopting the Great Lakes Water Authority Articles of Incorporation

October 24, 2014
Full GLWA Articles of Incorporation published with Wayne County

November 25, 2014
Full GLWA Articles of Incorporation filed with the Michigan Secretary of State

December 12, 2014
Macomb County appoints Brian Baker to the Great Lakes Water Authority

January – June 2015
Court-mandated confidential GLWA lease negotiations with Detroit Water and Sewerage Department

March 2015
MACRO Position to mandate savings commensurate with lease payments in the GLWA / DWSD lease agreement.  MACRO also outlined obstacles in the Memorandum of Understanding, Articles of Incorporation that should be addressed before a lease of the DWSD transmission assets was signed by the Great Lakes Water Authority.  Specifically, Brian Baker identified the unbalanced governance structure, $95 M in additional annual costs to all customers and a lack of substantiated savings to match the annual lease payment.

June 12, 2015
Brian Baker is the sole opposing vote to the Great Lakes Water Authority Vote.   All other members of GLWA vote in favor of the lease and associated terms with Detroit Water and Sewer.

Brian Baker is removed from the CEO search committee.  Richard Baird and Eric Rothstein will manage the GLWA CEO search process.

January 1, 2016
GLWA operational

March 1, 2016
Water Resident Assistance Program implemented.  Total support for regional water customers is approximately $4.5 Million.  Macomb to receive $525,000 support for residents.

April 2016
Highland Park accumulated debt reaches $30 million.  GLWA officials send a letter to Governor Rick Snyder about the growing problem and need for immediate state action.  Sewer debt from Highland Park continues to grow at $400,000 per month.  Accumulated and ongoing debt resulted from DWSD agreement with the State of Michigan to assume delivery of water and sewer services for Highland Park in 2012.

May 25, 2016
GLWA sets wholesale rates for the first time.  Baker is the lone vote against the water rate increase due to lack of promised savings.  He calls for future savings to be used to minimize rate increases to permanently offset the loss of Genesse County as a customer in 2017.

Vote to approve Goldman Sachs as bond underwriter fails (vote 3-3, Macomb, Oakland and State of Michigan vote yes; Wayne and both votes from Detroit vote no).  Underwriter was selected as a result of 14 responses to an RFP from GLWA to refinance $1.2 billion in bonds.  Refinance would have resulted in $200 Million in annual savings to all water customers.

May 26,2016
Public Works Commissioner Anthony Marrocco announces sewer rates of 4.3% increase over 2015.  The wholesale increase from GLWA was only 0.7%.   Public Works appropriated $2 M for an emergency fund.



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